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Sep 5, 2016

Kate and Natalie, the duo behind Conjure Corps, joins us from Washington, DC for Episode 16 of Tales from the Fandom.

We start off by discussing how fandom has changed from 10-15 years ago to the present and how we're more connected and able to have fandom discussions and how fandom has become more mainstream.  Kate and Natalie both talk about a variety of fandoms that they're into.

We ramble a bit about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Vikings before launching into a major discussion on Game of Thrones.

As this episode was recorded a day after the Season 6 finale, we all talk the finale episode.  Kate and Natalie discuss how they got into Game of Thrones along with a discussion on Jaime Lannister and his relationships.  Favorite characters, the rise of the female characters, favorite moments and more are discussed.

Vikings is up next as a fandom they both share, and they delve into the story and characters at great length and serve as a wonderful primer for the show.

We discuss how they got into RenFaires and costuming before discussing the dynamic costumes/cosplays that they make and how they choose what characters they're going to represent.

Finally, we discuss Conjure Corps.  What is it?  And what do they hope to do in the future with it.

You can find Kate and Natalie at:

Conjure Corps website