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Welcome to the Tales from the Fandom podcast.  Please enjoy the episodes and leave comments, reviews or suggestions! Click on the links next to this for the RSS feed, iTunes and email!

May 20, 2024

Pre aka WariWariWay returns to the podcast after 3 years to catch up and talk about some old and new fandoms.

We start things off with a quick conversation about the Live Action versions of Avatar: The Last Airbender, One Piece, and their ties to their original animated works and bringing new fans into the space.


May 13, 2024

I'm really excited to have Byuka join me for this episode, as we've been in the same Twitch sphere for awhile and I really dig her work on Twitch. Plus, she's my first VTuber to be on the podcast! Heck, she's the first person I ever saw doing VTubing years ago.

We start things off with Final Fantasy! We talk about our...

May 6, 2024

May has one of the nerdiest days on the calendar, as Star Wars fans celebrate May the 4th! Plus, there is Revenge of the 5th, and I like to think we can celebrate Revenge of the 6th as well. Tiara aka Crafting_on_Ilum joins me to talk all about Star Wars and Cosplay!

We talk all about the franchise that is in a galaxy...

Apr 29, 2024

Continuing on with bringing authors to your ears, I was lucky enough to have Carolina Cardona aka TheTropicalEccentric, join me to talk about fandom and her work as an Author!

We first kick things off with talk about Anime. Carolina talks about growing up in Puerto Rico and the anime that was shown there, and then her...

Apr 22, 2024

I always love seeing who people are sharing on their instagram stories. It helps me find new people for this podcast, including today's guest, Yaya aka SpaceCowgirlYaya (or Yaya Cosplay). I fell in love with their traditional Mexican Sailor Moon Cosplay. I knew I needed to get her on the podcast to share her...