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Welcome to the Tales from the Fandom podcast.  Please enjoy the episodes and leave comments, reviews or suggestions! Click on the links next to this for the RSS feed, iTunes and email!

May 30, 2022

Joshua aka HylianDescent of Hyrule Gaming Group returns for a third time as we reunite and continue our discussion.

Last episode, Josh had made partner on Twitch. We continue the conversation regarding Twitch. From the evolution of what he does on camera, including games he chooses to play, to the changing nature of...

May 23, 2022

Author Joseph Sale returns to the podcast after nearly 5 years. We catch up on some conversations from his first podcast episode and talk about some current fandoms.

We revisit our conversation about Game of Thrones. We talk about the final season, and the upcoming show. This leads naturally into a conversation about...

May 16, 2022

Emily Peck Prokop returns to the podcast after 3 years! After seeing a post on Instagram about her watching The Lord of the Rings movies for the first time, I knew we had to talk. Emily joined me just days after finishing the trilogy.

We talk about how she avoided seeing the movies for over 20 years, her favorite...

May 9, 2022

Ana aka Lucero Cosplays joins me to talk about some of her favorite fandoms.

She talks about one of her first fandoms, Sailor Moon. From how she discovered it, her experience with the fandom, favorite characters and more. Then, we talk about the Studio Ghibli films. Learn about her favorite movies, who she identifies...

May 2, 2022

Ang aka ThatMagicalOhana on Instagram joins me to talk about some of her favorite fandoms!

She talks to me about Marvel, Star Wars and Disney. We talk about favorite movies, characters, and projects that Ang is looking forward to seeing. Ang also talks to me about fandom fashion, bounding (or Disneybounding), and...