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Aug 14, 2023

Ali aka The Ali Way on social media joins me to talk about his life and love of fandoms in a deeply personal talk.

We first start off with talking about the world of Disney and Pixar. Ali talks about some of his favorite movies and characters and what draws him to these two fandoms.

Then, we hit up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We talk about his connection with Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel, and we touch on a number of the MCU film and TV show properties.

Interspersed through all of this is a deeply personal talk and reflection from Ali about his life and journey thus far. Then, we get into his love of dancing. From a young age, to what spurred his desire to dance and get involved in it. We also talk about how he started bounding. From the characters he does, how he chooses his outfits, gets ready, collaborates, and so much more.

Honestly, words don't do justice to Ali's episode. You'll need to listen, because there is a sense of just pure joy and heart that comes through.

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