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Sep 26, 2022

A longtime mutual from the Twitterverse, Mer aka ArchMageofDice joins me to talk about their favorite fandoms.

We talk about their favorite video game franchise, Golden Sun. Find out why they love the franchise (1 and 2 for sure, maybe not 3 so much) and why the Golden Sun community still waits for a 4th entry into the series.

From there, we talk about how they first got into tabletop roleplaying games. From D&D and Eberron, Adventure Zone and Actual Play podcasts, Twitter, and more. Find out why they love Monte Cook's Invisible Sun TTRPG and what else they're into.

We also talk about what it takes to stream tabletop roleplaying games on Twitch as a player and a producer. If you're interested in getting into the streaming side of TTRPG's, this is a great part of the episode.

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