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Oct 24, 2022

Sam aka Dovah Design returns after nearly 5 years as we catch up and talk old and new fandoms.

We kick things off with talking about how she got into Magic: The Gathering again after some time away from the game. We talk about how she got into playing online, some of her favorite things about magic, and more.

Then, we talk about her latest fandom and one that has influenced her greatly, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. Sam talks about getting into the game, how much the game gripped her and took over her life, bleeding into her costume and prop making.

Sam then provides a behind the scenes look at going full time as a prop and costume maker. She talks about the business, how many hours she puts in, the work she does, and ultimately the hours that it takes to create her works.

Then we wrap up with a conversation about cosplay. We talk about some of the competitions, her current and future work, and just where she does put all these armor builds when she's done with them!

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You can listen to her original episode from 2017 here:

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