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Oct 31, 2022

Emily aka Imagination.Em on Instagram joins me to talk about some of her favorite fandoms.

CW: Talk of grief, death, and cancer

After talking to Emily about finding her through the popularity of her Moana Fett cosplay, we dive into one of her first fandoms, Marvel comics. We talk about one of her favorite characters, her history with the comics, and what she was drawn to.

Then, we switch gears and talk about Disney. From growing up with Disney, some of her favorite movies, and her upcoming Disney plans.

Emily and I then talk Star Wars. Emily talks about how she first watched the original movie. We talk about some of her favorite characters and media within the galaxy far, far away.

We wrap up with a heartfelt conversation about Cosplay. From how Emily got into cosplay, conventions, her cosplay connection to her father and sister, and the surprise in popularity of her Moana Fett cosplay. We also talk about her future with cosplay.

You can find Emily at:

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