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Nov 21, 2016

Kittie of Kittie Cosplay joins me from California for Episode 30 of Tales from the Fandom.

Recorded back at the beginning of August, Kittie and I tackle a number of fandoms.  We start with her original fandom of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and talk about the original show that started it all, as well as delving into the new movie coming out.  She also talks about the troubles of finding an all yellow wardrobe!

We bounce over to X-Men: The Animated Series as well as the rebooted X-Men film series before talking about Olivia Munn and how she inspired Kittie.

Star Wars is up next and we talk original trilogy, prequels, the new movies as well as Star Wars Rebels.  After that, we talk the original Ghostbusters as well as the new, female-led Ghostbusters movie.

Kittie then talks about cosplay, how she got into cosplay, the volunteer groups she is a member of and more.

You can find Kittie at:

You can also find her volunteer groups: