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Apr 24, 2023

Cammie aka Crash.Thunderpants on Instagram & TikTok joins me to talk about some of her favorite fandoms.

Cammie kicks things off with Marvel. From her fist introduction to Marvel with the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, to getting into the MCU and comics. We cover it all. We talk about her favorite Captains, the X-Men, and one of the projects she hopes to see come to life in the MCU.

From Marvel, we flip things over to DC. Animated TV shows once again show the power they had to bring audiences in, as we reflect on Batman: The Animated Series. We also talk about her favorite character in the DC Universe, and we talk about the future of the DC movie franchise after the announcements of James Gunn & Peter Safran and their plans.

We wrap it up nicely with Cosplay. Cammie talks about how she first got into Cosplay, and it is such a great story. She talks about the characters she cosplays, whether her Batgirl utility belt is functional, and what she has in the works for the future.

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Time Markers:

1:52 Marvel
17:40 DC
35:28 Cosplay