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May 15, 2023

After nearly 7 years, we have a great deep dive into some fandoms that have been untouched. I was lucky enough to have CandyMon join me to talk about them!

Candy first kicks things off with talking about Japanese Idol anime and games. We touch on big fandoms like Love Live, to shows like Hypnosis Mic, and Milgram. Candy also talks about the games and their loot box/gachapon style rewards. From outfits to characters, and the variety of games that are out there.

Then we change gears and talk about the video game, Danganronpa. Candy talks about first discovering the game, what they like about it, some ties and influences to other media and games, and more.

We wrap up with Candy talking about Cosplay. He talks about first getting into Cosplay, taking a break from it, and then getting back into it again. From some of their favorite cosplays, to what they're working on now, and their grail cosplay (which may surprise you!).

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Time Markers:

1:52 Japanese Idol Anime & Games
40:05 Danganronpa
53:30 Cosplay