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Dec 5, 2016

Recorded in early August, Raven of Raven Star Cosplay joins me from the Netherlands to talk about a variety of fandoms for Episode 32.

We start out talking exclusively about video games.  We cover games such as Final Fantasy X, Dragon Age, The Witcher series, Bloodborne and Bayonetta.  We also talk about Raven's work in the video game industry and what she does and games she has worked on.

We briefly talk about the Netflix series Sense8 before moving onto a discussion about Cosplay.  We talk about how she got into it as a hobby, characters she does and being featured on Kotaku for one particular cosplay.

Raven and I have a discussion about girls and gaming, as well as cosplay and the cosplay community and the current push for cosplay inclusion across race, gender and more.

You can find Raven at:
snapchat: Ravenstarcos