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Jul 3, 2023

With Better Call Saul having wrapped its final season and found its way to Netflix, I knew I needed to have Phil Rood back in the guest chair again to discuss the series. There are spoilers for Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, and El Camino.

Phil returns and we immediately dive into the last season of Better Call Saul. We talk about the final season, the characters story arcs, what worked, and what didn't, along with the multiple timelines that Better Call Saul dealt with. We discuss the series as a whole as well, and compare and contrast it to Breaking Bad.

We discuss possible spin-offs (I came up with a great one, but it's not do-able), the order one should watch the two series, and then say goodbye to our favorite (and not so favorite) people in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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