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Jul 10, 2023

You can make friends anywhere. I became friends with Oxi while in previous guest Mommadubz Twitch stream. We finally got to connect and now you get to hear from Oxi!

We start off by talking about her love of video games. Oxi walks us through how she first got into gaming and some of her first games, including Call of Duty! We venture into her love affair with Apex Legends, as well as her new venture into Red Dead Redemption 2's roleplaying servers. 

From video games, Oxi takes me into the world of true crime. She talks about getting into true crime from watching a YouTube channel where she listened to true crime stories while the YouTuber did makeup. We touch upon the Black Wallstreet Massacre, the Jon Benet case, and Unsolved Mysteries.

Then we talk books. Oxi talks about just getting back into reading. She recommends a book called Piñata by Leopoldo Gout, talks about the kinds of books she likes, including books by author Anne Rice.

Oxi also talks about her work in the healthcare field during the height of COVID.

You can find Oxi at:

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