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Jul 24, 2023

It's been awhile since I had a duo join me for a podcast episode. I'm happy to report that having Brandon and Wren from My Dog Ate My Book Report podcast are wonderful and I hope you enjoy our conversation!

All the topics we talk about are shared topics, and its interesting to hear their entry points into the fandom and their differing opinions at times!

We start off with talking about one of the longest running fandoms around. Star Trek! We talk about their entry points into the franchise, their favorite characters and series, and Harry Kim. Yes, tune in to listen all about this character from Star Trek: Voyager.

Then, we jump to another long running fandom, the Final Fantasy video game franchise. We talk about the different games, series, characters, and which ones they'd suggest a person new to the franchise should play first.

Next, we're onto a new fandom for the podcast - Gunpla! Building Gundam models. It's new to me, but Brandon and Wren talk about how they got into it, the pricing and model structure, and how you don't have to be into Gundam to enjoy and love what you create and build. Note - If you get into Gunpla, invest in shelves!

Lastly, we wrap with a conversation about their podcast, My Dog Ate My Book Report. It's a podcast where they take turns introducing each other to a formative book from their childhood that the other has not read. You need to check out their episodes, because I guarantee they've got a book that they've talked about that you've read.

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