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Aug 7, 2023

After nearly 6 years, Briana returns to the podcast! You may know her better as UtahimeCosplay on some socials, or Briana on others. Either way, we get to catch up and chat more!

We catch up from the last time we talked, plus how we saw each other in person for Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, Florida, a few years ago (hi to Briana's mom!). 

Briana talks a bit about cosplay, as well as the transition from cosplayer to cosplay guest, to hosting various panels and experiences at various conventions. She talks about her path and journey to that side of the convention scene.

Then, we talk about her latest venture! From originally starting out doing Twitch streams, to tabletop roleplaying game actual plays streamed on Twitch. We talk about her first experiences with TTRPG's, and the variety of games she's played, from D&D, to Cortex, to the 2d20 system from Modiphius, and so much more. We also talk about her role with The Initiative Order, a community of TTRPG streamers and creatives.

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You can find The Initiative Order at:

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