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Sep 11, 2023

It's always something when a guest asks to come back. It's even better when it was one of my original guests when there was no podcast!

Michi aka Mew21_Cosplay on Instagram returns to the podcast after 7 years! Her original episode was Episode 8 (link below!). So here we are, catching up!

We revisit the Sailor Moon fandom, as Sailor Moon Crystal had only been out a year when we originally recorded. We talk about the various fandom aspects from the TV shows, to the live action show, and the movies that have been released. Michi is a huge Sailor Moon fan, so its easy to get caught up in so many different stories.

We also check back in with Michi and the cosplay world. Michi has been cosplaying for 10+ years as of our recording, and she spends some time talking about how she organizes and wrangles large cosplay groups for conventions. Plus, we talk about the cosplay realm in general, going overseas for a cosplay shoot, and more.

Then, we focus on the evolution of Eternal Mooncast. Michi created this podcast/live stream show after getting a positive response on her in-depth lore dives about the Sailor Moon franchise. It has evolved beyond just a podcast, but it also exists as a live stream on Twitch, and more. Be sure to check their schedule for their live shows and what they'll be focusing on each show!

You can find Michi at:

You can listen to Michi's original episode here:

You can find Eternal Mooncast at:

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