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Oct 23, 2023

After stumbling across Michelle Reed's work being shared on Instagram, and enjoying what she creates and does to support those around her, I was excited to have her join me for this episode.

We're talking franchises in this episode, with each franchise spanning a variety of media. It's a fun episode and we get to bounce around within the fandoms.

The first one we start off with is the Jurassic Park franchise. We talk about the original trilogy, the Jurassic World trilogy, plus Camp Cretaceous, the animated series. We also talk about the books, merch, and what may be in store for the future of Jurassic Park.

Then we switch to the realm of the Witcher. Michelle talks about how she first got into the franchise, her thoughts on the TV show, if she's read the books, and the character that she loves the most.

The Last of Us franchise spans between two games and a TV series, and we get to talk about both. This franchise is the one that Michelle most connects with in a very personal way. She shares these stories while talking about the games, the TV show, and what she hopes for the future.

We wrap up with a double header of Cosplay and Twitch streaming. Michelle talks about how she got into Cosplay, the characters she represents and her plans for the future. Plus, she talks about streaming on Twitch, the games she plays, and what you can expect from her and her community.

You can find Michelle at:

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