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Mar 18, 2024

Threads is the new social media platform and something that I've taken to quite well. And today's guest, Jazmin aka ThatOneNerdyFanGirll is my first guest that I stumbled across on the Threads platform!

Jazmin joins me to talk about two of the long running, big fandoms out there!

First, we talk about Star Wars! Jazmin talks about how she got into Star Wars, some of her favorite media from the franchise, favorite characters, and what she'd love to see in the future!

Then, we get to talk about The Lord of the Rings. We talk about the trilogy, the characters, and her first experiences with it.

Jazmin then talks about Cosplay. From her first getting into Cosplay, the characters she does, how she decides who to cosplay, and some of her future plans.

You can find Jazmin at: