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May 20, 2024

Pre aka WariWariWay returns to the podcast after 3 years to catch up and talk about some old and new fandoms.

We start things off with a quick conversation about the Live Action versions of Avatar: The Last Airbender, One Piece, and their ties to their original animated works and bringing new fans into the space.

Then we really kick things off with a talk about one of Pre's favorite fandoms, Tekken. We talk about what attracted her to the fighting franchise, the characters she likes, and most importantly, the Tekken community.

Blended into the Tekken conversation and standing on its own is a conversation about Final Fantasy 14. It's a fandom that was/is very influential with Pre, and she talks about the FF14 community as it relates to not just the game, but cosplay as well, especially with social media.

We also talk about her semi-hiatus from Cosplay, what she may be working on in the future, and what she's done over the past few years with cosplay. We also talk about how she has started streaming again on Twitch and what you can expect to find from her channel.

Then, we enter into the K-Pop realm. Pre and I talk about K-Pop groups, how to go about finding a K-Pop group that may fit your vibe, and some of the groups she recommends. She also put a playlist together that you can take a listen to, to start your journey into K-Pop!

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