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Feb 6, 2017

Jim Ryan, friend of the show and currently residing in Charlotte, NC joins Tales from the Fandom for its 41st episode.

Jim and I met while joining a new Dungeons and Dragons game held in a church conference room and ever since then, things have never been the same.

We jump in head first with a conversation about the Sci-Fi comedy series Red Dwarf.  I had heard about it when I was younger but never knew anything about the series.  That is until this day!

After Red Dwarf, we shift genres to westerns and the HBO series Deadwood.  Jim gives a great overview on the series and characters while we reminisce about Westerns and the lost Pirate genres of our youth.

Roleplaying games take the next portion of the episode, where Jim talks about how he got into RPG's and some of his favorite games like Amber diceless, Deadlands and Fiasco.

Jim then talks about his writing and podcasts and where you can follow his work.

You can find Jim at:

Jim's Book of Monologues can be found at: