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Nov 5, 2016

Jachelle Overstreet and Chelsea Doyle return to Tales from the Fandom to talk all about the new Ghostbusters movie, now out on DVD.

Jachelle (Episode 1) and Chelsea (Episode 6) talk a little about the original Ghostbusters movie from over 30 years ago before we launch into the discussion about this newest iteration.  We talk story, characters, what worked and what didn't as well as what we'd like to see if a sequel gets made.

We talk about how the announcement of an all female cast broke the internet, and the facts about the movie - how much money it made, the generally positive reviews and more.

We also sidetrack and talk about movies that are focusing on strong female roles as well as remakes with an all female cast (ie: Oceans Eight).

You can find Jachelle and Chelsea at: