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Welcome to the Tales from the Fandom podcast.  Please enjoy the episodes and leave comments, reviews or suggestions! Click on the links next to this for the RSS feed, iTunes and email!

Jun 27, 2017

David answers questions from the fandom dating meme that was going around.  "Name two fictional characters and I will tell you which I would rather date"

Hermione Granger or Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter)

Harry Potter or Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)

Leia or Rey (Star Wars)

Jacob or Edward (Twilight)

Percy Jackson or Frank...

Jun 26, 2017

Recorded in March, we come back to Central Florida to talk to Samantha who also goes by LiliAvacyn Cosplay. 

We cover a variety of fandoms including Overwatch, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering and Vampire Hunter D.  We also talk about her cosplay.

You can find Samantha at:

Jun 19, 2017

Friend of the show Greg Allen joins us from Charlotte, NC to talk video games, tabletop role playing and book recommendations.

Greg talks to us about MMORPG's such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2.  He also drops a lot of book recommendations of must-read books that include Watership Down, the Tolkien series such...

Jun 12, 2017

We remain in Central Florida and are joined by Emily Abbazia, an engineering student and cosplayer who I found because we share a mutual love of Kitty Pryde.

Emily and I discuss a variety of fandoms including: Kitty Pryde and her role in the new X-Men: Gold comic series (recorded before the comics release).  We also...

Jun 6, 2017

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  We celebrate by bringing back the first 5 guests from our first month.  Jachelle Overstreet, Eden Royce, Ginny of Ginny Not Weasley Cosplay, Bailey Vea and MJ.

We cover fandoms new and old including: Andi Mack, Stranger Things, Supergirl, writing, roleplaying, Outlander, the new Beauty and the...