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Welcome to the Tales from the Fandom podcast.  Please enjoy the episodes and leave comments, reviews or suggestions! Click on the links next to this for the RSS feed, iTunes and email!

Jul 31, 2017

Kristian Serrano from the Manifest Zone Podcast joins me to talk all about tabletop gaming.  We talk about how he first got into tabletop roleplaying.  We cover Dungeons and Dragons and the Savage Worlds game systems and then spend a lot of time talking about Keith Baker's Eberron game setting.

Kristian then talks about...

Jul 30, 2017

Another Ask Me Anything episode!  This time, I answer questions on OTP's, my Top 5 TV Shows, my favorite movies, how I discovered Roleplaying games and more.


Jul 25, 2017

Tony Self, Executive Director and Co-Founder of STORGY talks to me about their Kickstarter project, the Exit Earth Anthology. This project will be their first print publication and the start of the STORGY Books division.  The Exit Earth Anthology will include 14 exclusive short stories along with illustrations,...

Jul 24, 2017

Recorded in June, host and DM Joe Della Bella of the You Meet in a Tavern Podcast joins us to talk fandoms and the podcast.

We talk about his first fandoms such as Lord of the Rings and the Legend of Zelda video game series.  Joe then tells us his origin story of getting involved in Dungeons and Dragons and diving head...

Jul 13, 2017

Introducing my kids to Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, I saw online that previous guest Trent was also doing a rewatch of the two series.  Upon completion, he and I got together and talked about these great shows.

We cover characters, storylines, villains, what the shows meant to us, what drew us in...