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Sep 12, 2016

Jeremy aka Stryfe the Warrior, joins us from Texas for Episode 18 of Tales from the Fandom.

We dive headfirst into Power Rangers.  We go over how he got into it, his favorite power ranger and we discuss the upcoming movie.  Jeremy also recommends which series you should watch.

Jeremy then talks to us about the videogame series called Earthbound, also known as Mother.  He talks the history behind the game and what the game is about.

We jump to another video game series, the Legend of Zelda.  We talk favorite games and explore the history of the game series.  Jeremy tells his his favorite Link and what game he'd recommend for someone who wants to try LoZ out.

Jeremy talks about how he got into Cosplaying and why he does it.  He talks about his favorites as well as what he's working on for the future.

We end with the videogame, Super Smash Brothers.  He talks about the different versions and which one he likes, as well as favorite characters to play.

You can find Jeremy at: