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Sep 26, 2016

Aurora, a friend of the show, joins us for episode 20 of Tales From the Fandom and continues the trend of guests from Canada.

Aurora hails from Vancouver, Canada and dabbles in many different fandoms.  We discuss a few of them on today's episode.

We start off the show talking about Harry Potter and how she got into the series.  We hit on characters we like, favorite books and characters that we felt are overrated.

Aurora and I then discuss at length the "Riordanverse" with the Percy Jackson series.  We talk about how she got into it and which of the series she likes the best.  We also discuss The Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and the newly released Trials of Apollo book.

She then hits me with two book series recommendations.  The first is by Scott Westerfeld and it is the Leviathan series.  The second is The Elemental Trilogy by Sherry Thomas.  She explains the backgrounds behind both books and why she recommends them.

Lastly, she talks to me about a tv show that aired in 2007 that she recommends watching - at least the pilot, called The Black Donnellys.