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Oct 24, 2016

Long time friend of the show, Rebecca Parker, joins us from New York for Episode 26 of Tales from the Fandom.

We first start off talking about the accessibility of fandoms and how it has changed over the years since the internet has taken shape.  From Prodigy and AOL to Livejournal and Myspace to Twitter, Facebook and more.

While Rebecca has hundreds of fandoms she's into, we decided to split up our discussion to two main 'verses. This part covers what is known as the Abramsverse.  All things JJ Abrams.

Rebecca runs us through the main Abramsverse shows - Felicity, Alias and Lost before we take a detour and talk about Fandom and how the interaction between fans and creators/actors of movies/TV shows has changed to being extremely toxic at times.

We then jump back on the Abramsverse train and finish up with Fringe and the new Star Trek movies.  When this episode was recorded, Star Trek Beyond had just come out, so you'll hear us talk about it, even though now it's out on DVD.

Part 2 will cover the Whedonverse.  All things Joss Whedon.