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Nov 7, 2022

Adrienne aka Adri.Nyan joins me to talk about some of her favorite fandoms!

We kick things off with a conversation about Genshin Impact. We talk about how she first found out about it, her favorite characters, and the dangers of spending real money on this game with its gachapon style system.

Then she tells me about Beastars, which is NOT like Zootopia... but maybe kind has some similarities. She talks about finding the show, the manga, the characters, and why some people may not admit to watching the show - but definitely recommends it.

Adrienne then tells me about the mobile app, Twisted Wonderland, from Disney. She tells me about the story and what the game is (and what the game isn't!), plus we talk about the characters, the background, and future for the game.

Then we dive into how Adrienne got into Cosplay. From her first experiences, to who she has portrayed, and some of the characters she's working on in the future. We also talk about how she got into streaming on Twitch, from video games to just chatting streams.

Want to check out Adrienne's work? Find her at the links below!

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