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Feb 20, 2023

A long time fan of his work, Collier "CJ" Jennings aka CJWritesStuff, joins me to talk about a few of his favorite fandoms and his Pop Culture writing.

CJ and I first dive into one of his favorite characters, Spider-Man. With the release and mainstream popularity of Into The Spider-Verse, we do talk about which Spider-Man he is a fan of. We talk about the comics, the animated TV series, the numerous movies, and more. It's Spidey O'Clock. We also talk about the upcoming Across the Spider-Verse as well.

Then, we go into Tokusatsu shows. You may know them as Power Rangers. But we dive deeper, also talking about shows like Ultraman, Beetleborgs, and Kamen Rider. CJ talks about what it is that draws him to these shows, the longevity of the Power Rangers franchise, and his hope for people to fall in love with Shin Ultraman and the upcoming cinematic universe involving this franchise and others.

Then, we boldly go.... to talk about Star Trek. CJ talks about how he first got into the Star Trek franchise. We talk about some of his favorite shows, favorite characters, and which shows he'd recommend for someone getting into the Star Trek for the first time.

Lastly, we talk about his Pop Culture writing and Cosplay. CJ talks about he first got interested in writing about fandom and pop culture. From his first site he was writing for, to the numerous sites that he writes for now. He talks about how work is assigned, how he chooses what to write, and some of his more memorable articles. We also talk about how he's expanded into Cosplay on Instagram and TikTok, plus his plans for the future.

You can find CJ at:

Blade Article -

Trick 'r Treat & Krampus Article -

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Time Markers:

2:55 Spider-Man

19:20 Tokusatsu Shows

34:40 Star Trek

50:25 Pop Culture Writing & Cosplay