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Mar 27, 2023

After falling in love with her Loki cosplay, JamieBearFancyPants (or JamieBear) comes on to the podcast to talk about her favorite fandoms.

We kick things off with a discussion about The Last of Us. JamieBear starts on the video game side, as she talks about how she got into the game franchise, what she loves about it, and why its one of her favorite series. We're talking both games. Then, we talk about the TV series on HBO Max. This episode was recorded midway through the first season.

Then, we're talking video games. JamieBear talks about her first gaming experiences, some of her favorite video games that she's played (besides The Last of Us), what draws her to games, and what game she's looking forward to this year.

Next, we take a stop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. JamieBear talks about her favorite movies, characters, which parts of the MCU really drew her in, and more.

Then we round out our conversation with Cosplay and Acting. JamieBear talks about first finding out about cosplay and getting into that world. We talk about some of the characters shes cosplayed, how she chooses characters, and what she's working on. Plus, JamieBear tells us about getting into acting, a few of the things she's done, and more.

This episode is filled with conversation and laughs!

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Time Markers:

3:42 The Last of Us
27:54 Video Games 
38:55 Marvel 
51:25 Cosplay and Acting