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Jun 26, 2023

Award winning author and friend, Eden Royce, returns to the podcast!

2 years ago, we celebrated Eden's release of her first novel, Root Magic! Now Eden is back and talking about her second novel, Conjure Island, releasing June 27th!

Eden talks to me about Conjure Island. From its inception, and what you can expect from the book, and how it differs from Root Magic. Then, we talk about Root Magic! Eden talks about how its been the past two years from its release. From the multiple printings, to it becoming a recognized and award winning book, and it being read all over the globe!

Not only do we talk about these two books, but we also talk about her third book releasing sometime in 2024, The Creepening of Dogwood House, and her short story collection, Who Lost, I Found, releasing sometime in 2023. Plus we talk about the YA anthology, The Black Girl Survives In This One, also releasing in 2024. We also talk about Blackened Roots: An Anthology of the Undead, and Why Didn't You Just Leave, an anthology opening submissions on August 1 (check the links below).

It's always a blast having Eden on the podcast. I hope you check out all her works, and make sure to follow her to keep up to date with all the work she is creating!

Purchase Conjure Island at:

Purchase Root Magic at:

Pre-Order Who Lost, I Found at:

Pre-Order The Black Girl Survives In This One at:

Purchase Blackened Roots: An Anthology of the Undead at:

Submissions for Why Didn't You Just Leave anthology open August 1, 2023 here:

You can find Eden at:

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