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Sep 4, 2023

Joining me from Canada, Brent aka DorklordCanada, is someone I've known on Twitter through the tabletop roleplaying community for many years. Finally, we get together and have a wonderful conversation.

We first kick off with a conversation about Babylon 5. Brent talks about how he first discovered the show and what kept him invested in it. We talk about the characters, the plot lines, the actors, and the now released animated movie.

Then, we change to a new to the podcast fandom. Brent talks about The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells. Brent tells us how he got into the series of novellas and why you should be checking out this series.

Finally, Brent and I get into the tabletop roleplaying discussion. Brent tells a wonderful story about how he first got into TTRPG's through a small library, and the path that it took him. From Dungeons and Dragons to Call of Cthulhu, to actual play live streams, Solo RPG's, and so much more. Brent talks about the games he enjoys and what draws him to particular games now. We also talk about his work with TTRPG's with editing and actual plays.

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