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Apr 8, 2024

There's always guests that are into so many things that it is tough to contain it all in one episode. Today's guest, Heather Boddy, is one of those guests. She's into so much and does so much that we did our best to squeeze it all into one episode.

We kick things off with talking about the nostalgic movies from our childhood. For Heather, we talk about two that stuck with her - Gremlins and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She talks about how these movies were instrumental in her childhood, particularly Rocky Horror. 

From there, we go into Marvel. Not just Marvel Comics, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. Heather talks about how she got into the Marvel side of life, and we talk about one of her favorite characters, She Hulk.

Then we talk all about Heather! We dive into the realm of Cosplay and how she was already into it without being into it (listen to the episode to understand that!). We talk about the business she launched, Geeknasium, which is nerdy workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home. And we talk about the podcast she co-hosts, Mental Health Multiverse, and what you can expect to hear.

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