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Apr 15, 2024

Content Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Kink (further content warnings related to kink listed below) 

After a desire to read more and have more authors on the podcast, I made a post on Threads expressing that. The response was overwhelming, and our first Author joins me from that post, Ally Marr.

Ally and I talk first about Dungeons and Dragons. She talks about how she first got into playing, what hooked her into continuing to play, and how her play style has evolved since those first games. We also talk about other tabletop roleplaying games outside of the D&D sphere.

The possibility of romance and flirting within D&D leads us into a conversation about romance in that arena, alongside literature. This leads us into talking about Ally's work as an author.

37min 46seconds

CW: Kink, Bondage / BDSM, female dominance, orgasm denial

Ally talks about how she first started writing, and writing the stories that she wanted to read but didn't seem to find out there. We talk about her book, Desire for Dominance, which is the one I read. We talk about the characters, a bit of the plot, without spoiling the book. 

Ally mentions how she portrays the kink community and the positive response she's received thus far. We talk about the methods in how she writes, how her books come together, and her book that just released, Denial (the theme is orgasm denial), along with other works in progress.

You can find Ally and her work at:

Any kinks/warnings are listed on Ally's site above based on book.

Desire for Dominance -

Denial -