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Jan 16, 2017

Jonathan Wavell from California joins us while overseas to record Episode 38 of Tales from the Fandom.

Recommended by Andie Jay from Episode 5, I recorded with Jonathan in mid August when our schedules matched up.

We first talk about Star Wars.  Back when Han shot first and there were no special editions.  We talk lightsaber color, Disney taking over the franchise, characters and more.

After that, Jonathan, who is known for his Captain America and Agent Coulson cosplays, talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The current movies out, which ones we loved, how Iron Man started it all and the upcoming slate of movies and what we hope to see.

The video game franchise Halo is next.  Jonathan talks about how the Halo games have evolved, what draws him to that series specifically and more.

We finish with a conversation about cosplay.  Find out why Jonathan got into cosplay and how it has evolved to another level.  He offers suggestions about how to get into it if you're interested and what he does to bring that next level of authenticity to his cosplays.

You can find Jonathan at: