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Jan 30, 2017

Episode 40 brings us back to California with Carleigh aka Uneekchic.  Recorded in late September, Carleigh has been a cosplayer since 2009 and we cover some fandoms untouched in the past 39 episodes.

We first talk about the anime Naruto.  We talk how we each got into the series, the characters and storylines that we love and enjoy and how it has transitioned from Naruto to his children in the latest adventures.

Next, Carleigh introduces us to an author named Brandon Sanderson and his fantasy trilogy called Mistborn (released in 2006).  It's epic fantasy meets political intrigue and Carleigh walks us through why we should read this book series.

We veer off course for a discussion about The Hunger Games during our discussion about the Mistborn trilogy and talk about which books we liked in that trilogy as well as talking about Katniss and her character that evolved over the three books.

Carleigh then talks to me about animated show RWBY. We talk about why she enjoys the series, what drew her to it, her favorite character and more.

We talk about how Carleigh got into cosplay and how she's evolved since 2009, as well as we talk about the cosplay scene and some of the more ridiculous or gross messages she gets on social media.

You can find Carleigh at: