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Jun 27, 2016

MJ joins us from the West Coast to talk about her wide range of fandoms.  Her journey into Fandom began with Star Trek: The Original Series and we discuss the original series, the reboot movie series and our thoughts on the Abrams Trekverse.

We delve into Marvel comics like Winter Solider, Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales and then move into the MCU with her love of the Captain America movies and Bucky and delving into the MCU version of Bucky.  We talk a bit about Infinity Wars and which characters we'd love to see show up in the movies and how you can't say no to Captain America.

MJ suggests watching Dollhouse from the Whedonverse and discusses what the show is about and what she likes about it and we talk about Whedonverse relationships.

MJ discusses how she got into cosplay, how she makes her own cosplay outfits and the challenges between photo shoots, construction times and real life.

And then we talk about Realmology, her upcoming webshow that delves into Fandom worlds and explores their culture/sociological/economic topics - like what kind of taxes or costs are there associated with living in the MCU New York City.