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Jul 18, 2016

Mew of Mew 21 cosplay is the third guest to join us from Tales from the Fandom's home base of Orlando, Florida.  

Mew is a cosplayer, costume designer and performance company owner who has won various craftsmanship and performance awards at events such as DragonCon in Atlanta, and Megacon here in Orlando.  She's been featured in various social media outlets as well.

We dive into her favorite fandom, Sailor Moon, to start off with.  We cover topics such as her favorite scout, dubs vs subs, how she got into it and recommending newer shows if you like Sailor Moon.

Mew talks to us about the video game, Mass Effect.  We discuss gameplay, characters, story and more.  We also talk about Disney, being that we both live in Orlando and it's almost a prerequisite of conversation.

Mew then talks to us about Cosplay.  The characters she does, how she creates those costumes, her competitions and now how she is doing craftsmanship based panels at upcoming conventions.

You can find her at: