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Aug 22, 2022

Today's episode has our guest joining us from Hong Kong! Winola aka WinolaMagical on Instagram comes to talk about some of her favorite fandoms.

We talk about two of her favorite fandoms. We kick things off with Disney. Winola talks about how she got first got into Disney. From the mainstream movies and shows to the Disney Channel Original movies. Going to Hong Kong Disney. We talk about some of her favorite characters and what she enjoys about Disney.

Then, we talk about Marvel - particularly the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Winola talks about the movies and shows she likes and some of the ones she doesn't like. We also talk about her favorite characters and what she is looking forward to coming in the future.

Winola then talks about being a content creator with her videos, cosplay, and bounding. Winola talks about creating her bounding looks (Disneybounding and Marvelbounds), how she sets up some of her videos, and how she got involved in the bounding community. If you have watched her pick up line videos, definitely check them out!

You can find Winola at:

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