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Nov 20, 2023

This one has been a long time coming. After over 5 years, Victoria Avalor returns to the podcast! Fate and our schedules finally aligned, as I've been trying to have Victoria back for a number of years now.

We get to catch up and talk about the past several years and then we talk about her two books. Realm of Lore, published in 2017, and An Unholy Union, published in 2020. We talk about what else she's working on, as well as the work/life balance that she handles.

Then, we get into talking about another of her passions, Egyptology. Victoria talks about how she first became interested in Egyptian history and mythology. Then we talk about the videos she creates on TikTok and Instagram sharing little stories and tidbits.

Lastly, we wrap up with a reflection about Cosplay. Victoria has been active in the community for many a years. We talk about what she's working on now, but we primarily reflect on the history, how cosplay has changed since she started, and more.

You can find Victoria's books at: 

Realm of Lore -

An Unholy Union -

You can find Victoria at:

Podcast episode 48:

Wonder Woman Review:

Book Trek: Victoria Avalor, Author of Realm of Lore:

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