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Jan 9, 2017

Sapphire Nova joins us for Episode 37 of Tales from the Fandom.

This podcast was recorded back in August, so you may hear us talking about subjects that had just come out or hadn't come out quite yet.

Sapphire talks about how she first discovered fandom and how she got into her first fandom - Lord of the Rings, which was one of my first fandoms as well.  We talk about characters, the movies and the books before talking about The Hobbit and the trilogy of movies that followed that story.

After the epicness of Lord of the Rings, we talk Disney movies before diving into the other series that Sapphire grew up with - Harry Potter.  We talk houses, characters, the books, the movies and more.

We then talk about transitioning from dressing up for movie releases into cosplay and the business she and her husband started, Superheroes Unlimited.

You can find Sapphire Nova at:

Superheroes Unlimited at