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Mar 20, 2017

Victoria Avalor joins us from Philadelphia, PA for Episode 48.  Victoria is a cosplayer, charity worker, blogger, professional princess and coordinator for the Eastern Pennsylvania branch of Heroes Alliance.

Recorded in late October (before Fantastic Beasts came out), Victoria and I covered a number of different fandoms.

First, we explored her connection with DC Comics.  How she got into the DC side of life, her favorite characters, the DC Superhero girl dolls and of course, the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Next, we talk Harry Potter.  We talk the books, her favorite character, Hermione and Ron as well as the Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Festival that happened last year.

From there, we switch over to doll collecting and dolls such as the Monster High series, Ever After High, and DC Superhero Girls and the marketing of product for female characters.

We talk Cosplay next.  How Victoria got into it, her experiences with it, princess parties and being a coordinator with Heroes Alliance.

And before we wrap up, we talk about something that caught my attention - MTV's Catfish TV series and Victoria tells a story about how someone once used her pictures and pretended to be her back in the MySpace days.

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