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Mar 27, 2017

Recorded in November, we go to Alberta, Canada and talk with Analeigh of Analeigh Cosplay.  We cover a variety of different fandoms.

We first start out with a more recent fandom that has become popular, the Outlander series.  Analeigh talks about whether she was a book or TV fan first.  We talk about the plot, the characters and whether it can be described as "Game of Thrones for Women."

From there, we head to the magical world of Harry Potter.  Analeigh talks about how she got into Harry Potter, her favorite characters, a possible controversial discussion about a favorite couple and more.

Disney is next and we talk about Analeigh's favorite Disney movies and characters and at what age she started getting into the Disney fandom.

Analeigh talks about her cosplay, conventions and more before we change gears to talk about where cosplay intersected with fandom in the form of the recent Ghostbusters movie. We talk about the movie, its characters, the story and the controversy as well as which original Ghostbuster she got to touch.

You can find Analeigh at: